MediaMonkey is a media player designed to play music and to handle video files. You can use the link on this page to download the official version of MediaMonkey free. 

The program is suitable for operating systems Windows and Android.

MediaMonkey supports a large number of formats, such as OGG, FLAC, MP3, MPC, MKV and is a convenient organizer for music collections. The MediaMonkey player synchronizes the personal computer and smartphone, which allows you to listen to music while you are away from home. When you download plug-ins, it becomes possible to view video files.  

Program functionality

  • plays audio and video files;
  • media library management;
  • gets metadata from internet;
  • works with CD and DVD discs;
  • converts tracks;
  • syncs the music library with cell phones;
  • adjusts sound using an equalizer;
  • manages podcasts;
  • plays music from online services;
  • saves files to cloud storage.

How to download MediaMonkey 

Click the download button on this page and download the installation package to your device. Then run it and wait for the program to be fully installed. Open the program and get started.